What factors can determine the price of GRAVURE ENGRAVER?

In fact, GRAVURE ENGRAVER is generally used for carving wood and stone, both for individuals and manufacturers. Because the scope of application is wide and there are many people to apply, so the types of engraving machines are very numerous, but there are some machines with different quality levels. Therefore, in the face of different engraving machine products, we must know how to distinguish carefully. When buying an engraving machine, be careful not to be greedy and cheap. Before you do this, you must first understand the price of the engraving machine. This requires you to know which factors determine the price of the engraving machine.

In terms of transmission mode, the engraving machine can be divided into a screw machine and a rack machine. Although they are all gear machines, the price difference between the two is also very large. This has to be compared with each part of the engraving machine. For example, the main shaft is generally divided into water cooling and air cooling. Then there is the drive motor, which has a large motor and a small motor.

The driver is also the same, the price difference is worse here, the price is divided on the various components here. Beds, slotted steel and square tubes, many people know that cast iron beds are good. If the square tubes are thicker, then the cost is better than that of cast iron, so the stability is better for cast iron. In general, part parts are an important factor in determining the price of the engraving machine.