Portable coating thickness tester for daily maintenance helps reduce the frequency of failures

Portable coating thickness tester maintenance precautions: The instrument should be protected from moisture, overheating and contact with corrosive gases and liquids such as acid and alkali. The instrument probe line is a relatively fragile component of the coating thickness gauge. Do not shake or pull the probe line during use. The instrument should be kept clean and placed in a dry environment to avoid contact with liquids. The battery should be removed after the instrument is not used for a long time to avoid battery leakage.

The coating thickness tester measures abnormally and makes the following treatments: check whether the voltage is normal; whether the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are in good contact. Whether the measurement method is proper. Major faults are sent to the factory or factory maintenance department for repair. The user must not disassemble the instrument casing at will.

Coating thickness tester measures when measurement error is large: Calibrate the instrument according to the instrument instruction manual. Check that the probe of the instrument is inserted or worn. Check whether the measuring workpiece is suitable for measuring with this instrument. Here are a few factors to consider to improve the measurement accuracy: measuring the surface roughness of the workpiece; the strong magnetic fields generated by various electrical equipment around it will seriously interfere with the magnetic method of measuring thickness ; Clearly measure the attachments on the workpiece to ensure that the probe is in direct contact with the surface of the cover; the pressure of the probe; during the measurement, the probe should be kept perpendicular to the surface of the sample; the deformation of the test piece;